The company undertakes the complete study-design for industrial refrigeration applications with any refrigerant. (Ammonia, glycol, Freon, CO2).
For each study , after the calculation of cooling loads and the selection of the proper refrigerant , the necessary machines and apparatus (air coolers - compressors - condensers - vessels - pumps, etc.) are selected.
The design includes all the kinds of refrigeration applications such as refrigeration precooling rooms-cold storage - freezers - tunnels, etc.
The studies are carried out at the company's offices by highly specialized scientific staff.
Its specialization in ammonia refrigeration projects, puts the company among the best companies in this field.
Also, it conducts studies-design for Industrial Air Conditioning -ventilation and electromechanical installations . Studies – design for building projects are made as well, as a result of the collaboration with the appropriate scientific associates.